The Rosarian Library

A collection of books and other resources

dedicated to the rose

The Rosarian Library is dedicated to the rose. It holds:




The Rose has been growing for centuries. Originally there were comparatively few species roses growing wild but these have, throughout the years, cross pollinated naturally or been deliberately hybridised so that now there are many thousands of rose varieties in existence with many more being lost and forgotten to previous centuries.


The number of roses grown is unknown and so too is the number of books dedicated to the rose but research suggests that there are in the region of 1000 books dedicated to the rose and written in English which have been published since the first in 1799. The Rosarian Library is collecting these books together  for use in rose research and for general interest in the hope that many of these too do not become lost to the passage of time.


The current total of individual texts stands at nearly 600 with many additional publications in the form of catalogues, annuals and other printed works.




The work of the library



‘Would Jove appoint some flower to reign

In matchless beauty on the plain

The rose (mankind will all agree)

The rose the queen of flowers should be.’


Sappho, a Greek poet (c.600 BC)

rosebooks book-icon-trans

a large collection of books dedicated solely to the rose with a special section on Victorian and pre World War 1 texts.


a collection of other information including catalogues old and new and annuals from the various rose societies.


a collection of prints, postcards and cigarette cards.


a gallery of oil and watercolour paintings largely by amateur artists.


collections of china, ceramics and fabrics.

The collection grows daily . . . . .


The library is a resource for the rose enthusiast where information can be found and queries answered. I am happy to help with any aspect of rose research.

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