The Rosarian Library

A collection of books and other resources

dedicated to the rose

The Rosarian Library is dedicated to the rose. It holds:


I have always loved roses but became seriously involved with them after my father, in his eighties, gave me a number of bushes. Since then I have planted many more in France, where I lived for five years, and across the south and east of England.


My current garden has a number of favourites from all classes of rose. I particularly love the old and fragrant deep pink varieties. My particular interests are how roses have been used in the past, how they have inspired literature and paintings and the many personal stories that include these beautiful flowers.


I have been compiling this library dedicated to the rose since my retirement from education. From reading many of the texts it is evident that there are a number of stories that need serious documentation before they are camouflaged for ever by the industry that is rose growing. I am currently researching a book about rose fragrance.


I like painting in watercolours and oils – roses of course! I also like to practise yoga.





‘Would Jove appoint some flower to reign

In matchless beauty on the plain

The rose (mankind will all agree)

The rose the queen of flowers should be.’


Sappho, a Greek poet (c.600 BC)

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a large collection of books, the majority of which are dedicated solely to the rose.


a collection of other information including catalogues old and new and annuals from the various rose societies.


a collection of prints, postcards and cigarette cards.


a gallery of oil and watercolour paintings largely by amateur artists.


collections of china, ceramics and fabrics.

The collection grows daily . . . . .


The library is a resource for the rose enthusiast where information can be found and queries answered. I am happy to help with any aspect of rose research.

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